Tuesday, December 23

Living with dyslexia

  • Alexander Graham Bell - inventor and scientist.
  • Tom Cruise - Actor.
  • Leonardo da Vinci - Artist and inventor.
  • Steve Jobs - co-founder of Apple Inc.
  • Tim Tebow - American football player.
  • Thomas Edison - Inventor.
  • Albert Einstein - Scientist and mathematician.
  • Henry Ford - Ford motor cars.
  • Jay Leno - talk show host and comedian.
  • And many more.
I have something in common with all of them, We all have dyslexia. Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that mainly affects the way people read and spell words.

 Being dyslexic I have trouble with spelling and grammar, Those with dyslexia can have difficulties with spelling, Reading, Rhyming and discerning left and right to name a few.

 The use of technology such as text to speech helps when spelling words I have difficulties with. To read more about assertive technology check out this article Assertive technology for dyslexia.

Dyslexia has its weaknesses, But it also has its advantages.
  • Dyslexics often enjoy and excel at solving puzzles.
  • Dyslexics have excellent thinking skills in the areas of conceptualization, reason, imagination, and abstraction.
  • Dyslexics have a strong ability to see concepts with a "big picture" perspective.
  • Dyslexics are adept to excellence in areas not dependent on reading.
  • Dyslexics tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than average.
  • Dyslexics’ special mode of thought easily produces the gift of mastery.
  • Dyslexia is not related to low intelligence.
- See more at: http://athome.readinghorizons.com/blog/50-interesting-facts-about-dyslexia

 In this TEDxYouth video Piper Otterbein talks about Overcoming Dyslexia And Finding your Passion.

I am going to end this post with a quote by Albert Einstein that I think is fitting.
 “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 

 (http://athome.readinghorizons.com/blog/50-interesting-facts-about-dyslexia) (http://coloradocommunitymedia.com/stories/Dyslexia-Brain-Differences-and-Cognitive-Skill-Weaknesses,55654)

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